Services Offered:

Individual Counseling:

Individual counseling, also known as one-on-one therapy or psychotherapy, involves a therapeutic relationship between a trained mental health professional (therapist or counselor) and an individual seeking support and guidance. This form of counseling is tailored to address the unique needs, concerns, and goals of the individual client.

Single Session Therapy:

Single-session counseling, also known as single-session therapy or one-session therapy, is a brief and focused form of counseling that aims to address specific issues or concerns in just one session. It is designed to provide immediate support and practical solutions to individuals seeking help. The focus is on identifying and addressing the client's immediate goals or concerns rather than engaging in a longer-term therapeutic process.

a man holds his head while sitting on a sofaa man holds his head while sitting on a sofa
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Group Therapy:

Group therapy is a form of psychotherapy in which a trained therapist works with a small group of individuals, typically ranging from 5 to 15 participants. The group members share common concerns or issues, and the therapy process involves interaction and mutual support among group members.

person in red sweater holding babys handperson in red sweater holding babys hand

Therapeutic Approaches:

Applied Positive Psychology:

Applied Positive Psychology is a collaborative approach that empowers individuals to build on their inherent strengths, foster positive emotions, and cultivate a life that aligns with their values and aspirations. It offers a refreshing perspective within the therapeutic landscape by emphasizing the promotion of well-being rather than just the alleviation of distress.

Play Therapy:

Play Therapy is a form of therapeutic intervention utilizing play and creative activities as the medium for expression and communication. Grounded in the belief that play is a natural means of self-expression, this approach allows participants to explore and process their emotions, thoughts, and experiences in a safe and supportive environment.

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